The first edition of the scientific colloquium "Research and innovation on wind energy exploitation in the urban environment" is open from June 15th - 16th to the most esteemed international universities, to once more reiterate the international and innovative nature of IN-VENTO.

In urban areas, where activities consuming energy are mainly concentrated, the assessment of wind resources requires a different approach to the more traditional one, as wind turbines need to be correctly designed in order to gather the energy present in the wind in the most efficient and sustained manner, ensuring a low environmental impact and a harmonious integration in the setting.

The aim of this colloquium - organised by Trento University with input from Springer - is to establish a discussion forum that involves a scientific exchange and discussion in two parallel sessions:

  • "Wind turbines and wind resources in the urban environment," introduced by Prof. Gerard van Bussel (holder of the professorship for Wind Energy at the prestigious Delft University of Technology, NL) and moderated by Prof. Lorenzo Battisti (holder of the professorship for Wind Power Systems at Trento University);
  • "Urban elements and the landscape for the exploitation of wind resources" introduced by the architect Josè Alfredo Ramirez (co-director of the Masters course in Landscape Urbanism Design at the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture, UK) and moderated by Prof. Mosè Ricci (holder of the professorship for Landscape Architecture at Trento University).

At the end of the event, the prize for the best research on the theme will be awarded (Best Doctoral Research Award). Furthermore, this will also provide an opportunity for the promotion of strongly innovative projects towards the companies and professionals in this sector (seating space limited).