IN-VENTO 2017                                WHERE TECHNOLOGIES MEET     

IN-VENTO is all about micro wind generation, i.e. the production of electrical energy utilising the force of the wind with small-scale generators. Thanks to its low environmental impact, this sector continues to grow and is of great interest for residential utilities, both those linked to the grid and isolated situations, (with accumulation systems), in urban, marine, hilly & mountainous areas and also for small boats and campers.

IN-VENTO is also a place where technology, ideas and financial resources can gather. IN-VENTO will bring together experts and users from this sector, offering an EXHIBITION AREA featuring products, experts, universities, promoting the relationship between universities and industry and creating a culture based on the utilisation of wind as an energy source. But that isn't all. IN-VENTO will offer conferences and specific courses, involving top Italian and international experts in the MEETING AREA. There will also be a CONTEST AREA, featuring innovation and architectural integration, where two international ideas competitions will take place, including the presentation of the finalists' projects and where the winners will be awarded their prizes. 


Conferences and specific courses involving top Italian and International experts

The national meeting entitled "Micro-wind energy in Italy and Europe" will talk about opportunities and the potential of micro wind energy in Italy and Europe, of the prospects in Italy and abroad, the legislation and relative certifications, the integration of the electric grid and accumulation systems (in Italian). Participation is FREE but places are limited.

This round table is open to all visitors and will discuss "Successful micro wind experiences." Exhibitors will have the chance to talk about the successful experiences their products have enjoyed, with special attention being given to best practice in the various applied contests and also to the future developments expected in the market (in Italian). Participation is FREE but places are limited.

Opportunities for qualification, which will be recognised by professional training credits for engineers and architects.

Discussion forum involving the most renowned international universities.


Development of architectural innovation and integration

For the most innovative product for the micro generation of wind resources, both for its technological content and for its design. 

Aimed at promoting the best project for a wind energy installation designed to illuminate the lake-side avenues of Riva.
During IN-VENTO the finalists' projects will be presented to the public, who, together with the jury, will decide on the winners and prize-giving will take place. 


Products, experts, universities, relationships and culture about the utilization of wind as an energy source

In this exhibition area, there will be the chance to meet the companies who produce the most significant micro wind generators on the international market, and see or even buy their products, mainly suited to residential buildings, boats and campers. 

Here all the latest ideas will be on show, giving the opportunity to get to know everything about micro wind energy and see some of the wind energy products in motion, fuelled by the thermal winds that are typical of Lake Garda and accompanied by information panels showing the electrical energy produced, the wind speed and the main characteristics of the turbines. 

This area will contain the most interesting prototypes, non-commercial products or those that are still in the concept phase (such as turbines, electrical generators and so on), as well as services for companies, from individual manufacturers or universities, seeking commercial and technological partners, opportunities for financers, partnerships and services.

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