Micro-wind energy generation, technological innovation and design come together at IN-VENTO in a dedicated area - the Contest Area - created to facilitate encounters between inventors, builders, planners, designers and investors. Participation will culminate in the presentation of the finalists and the prize-giving of the international ideas competition, the IN-VENTO Award, which consists of two distinct categories: Design & Innovationand the Wind Turbine Integration Project.

Design & Innovation
The international prize will be awarded to the most innovative product for micro-generation of wind resources in an urban context, encouraging contestants to promote a high technological content, as well as design and consideration for the environment.

The competition is open to all types of invention: concepts, proto-types and finished products. It is organised by Trento University, involving an international jury (made up of academic experts and established professionals) and the close collaboration with Sisvel and Metroconsult (world leaders in innovation and the management of intellectual rights of ingenious and creative works).

Wind Turbine Integration Project

All too often, the lighting used to illuminate our roads and squares require high-energy consumption and frequently, they are not properly inserted into the delicate context of our towns and landscapes. Therefore, it is not enough simply to install energy-saving systems, or those that reduce light pollution. It is important that these objects are designed to become an integral part of the landscape.

To this end, Trento University, in its role as promoter, with the patronage of the Riva del Garda Town Council along with the technical partnership of AGS Alto Garda Servizi S.p.A., have established this competition, aimed at planners and students in the fields of architecture, engineering, design, the landscape and the innovation sector linked to wind micro-turbines. The aim of the contest is to promote the use of wind resources to provide energy for the new public illumination system of the town of Riva del Garda.